China Spring & Stamping (CSS) is a division of Connecticut Spring & Stamping, a manufacturer of all varieties of close tolerance precision parts for the medical, electronics, automotive, commercial and other industries worldwide. For more than 70 years, we have focused on providing engineering support for our customers, from design and prototype stages through short run or high volume production of precision parts.

Our operations in China and other Asian countries have been developed to help customers take advantage of lower labor costs. This is especially beneficial for parts requiring a great deal of manual or secondary processing operations. Working with our affiliated stamping and spring partners in these regions, CSS's Connecticut-based Director of International Sourcing manages and coordinates order processing logistics and customer service for springs, stampings, and tooling.

We also offer shipping from one province of China to another, to support OEMs with manufacturing and assembly operations in China.

CSS stands behind the quality of parts made in China, offering first article quality (FAQ) certification. Our qualified suppliers are audited based on CSS quality standards and have passed an onsite review, and are held to the superior standards for which CSS has always been known.

Contact us for a quote to see whether CSS can help you produce parts in China more cost effectively. In general, parts that require a significant amount of labor because they cannot be completed without secondary manual operations can be run at our Chinese facilities at significant savings.

Springs - CSS focuses on manufacturing tight tolerance springs for the medical, automotive, electronics, and commercial industries, as well as many more. Our springs are used in diversified applications such as hand held surgical devices, catheters, and printer cartridges, to mention a few. Visit our Springs page for more information on how China Spring & Stamping can help you. Spring Gallery

Metal Stampings - CSS's metal stamping capabilities range from prototyping and short-run stamping to high speed progressive die stamping. Reel to reel production facilitates automated assembly for many of our customers. Precision metal stampings are delivered to the medical, automotive and commercial markets, among many others. Visit our Metal Stampings pages for more information on what China Spring & Stamping can manufacture and assemble for your company. Stampings Gallery

Slide Forming Machinery (Fourslide, Vertislide, Multislide) - CSS focuses on delivering quality inexpensive alternatives to progressive die tooling and efficient use of material to produce a variety of flat springs and wire forms. Fourslide, Multislide or Vertislide options provide diversified manufacturing options and solutions for our medical and commercial customers in particular. Visit the Slide Forming page for more information. Fourslide Gallery

Assemblies - Taking advantage of lower labor costs, CSS offers extremely cost effective assembly in China. Our expertise includes project management, flexibility, reliability and competitive pricing for your assembly project. Focusing on delivering a high quality product, China Spring & Stamping assembles everything from prototype to high volume production, using innovative tech-aided single-part throughput assembly. The Assemblies page will assist you in determining if China Spring & Stamping is the right fit for you and your products. Assemblies Gallery